Taking a New Approach…

I’m changing up, taking a new approach to this blog. I listen to a lot of podcasts and recently came across a couple where Seth Godin was being interviewed. All I knew was that Seth is a big entrepreneur, he’s written a ton of books, and he writes a popular blog. Beyond that, I didn’t know much about him. I learned that he is a wealth of entrepreneur information.

It was one of the comments from Seth in one of these podcast interviews that caught my attention. He was saying that we should be blogging every day. Writing down all our thoughts on a blog, posting every day, as a way to put it out in the public eye and hold yourself accountable in some way.

Now, this is not for everyone. I’ve heard other successful people say that blogging isn’t really needed. However, I like the idea of putting my ideas out there and allowing readers to absorb what they can. I’m no expert, but I’m sure I have something to share that will help someone, somewhere.

Plus, I get the benefit of putting my ideas out there in a way where I will feel accountable to what I say. For example, if I say that I will do “X” today, then I will feel compelled to get that done because I said it “out loud” in this public forum. Never mind that this blog is new and has enough readers to fill a port-a-potty. The idea is that someone will read the goals and I’ll feel like a chump if I don’t go out and fulfill them or work towards them.

So this is my new goal, my new blogging attempt. I had blogged for a few months and then just stopped. I was hyper-focused on building my real estate business (still am). But I was also journaling sporadically in an online personal journal, in an effort to put my thoughts on paper for the day. I figured, why not just do that journaling here on the blog?

So the goal is going to be…blog every day and describe what I am going through in my journey. This will be an insight into what an entrepreneur goes through as they build their business. All the ups and downs, joys and failures.

I don’t know that I’ll be able to maintain every day blogging, but that is certainly the goal.

The Format

I figure that I need some sort of format for this every day blogging. Some approach that makes things easy for me to write, easy for readers, and has some sort of impact.

Let’s start with this format and see where it takes us…I’ll write about four basic topics each day:

• What I’m Grateful For
• Success and Failure
• Goals For the Day
• Results From Past Goals

Those are not arbitrary choices for topics. I want to write about what I’m grateful for first because I’m trying to train myself to be positive. I’ve listened to a handful of podcasts recently that talk about the science of positive thinking and the great benefits for entrepreneurs. One take is that you can train yourself (and others) to be positive by spending 2 minutes a day expressing what you are grateful for.

The other topics are based on accountability. I will hold myself more accountable to goals or items in general if I write them down here.

So let’s give this a whirl and see where it goes. I’m excited about it.

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  • Patrick Stephens

    Brian I like this approach. Maybe don’t do the everyday thing right away. Maybe set a schedule to write a post twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. James Clear talks about this in his blog. Here’s an exmaple: http://jamesclear.com/once-per-week

    Good luck.

    • Thanks, Pat. I’m aiming for daily, but not sure that I’ll be able to keep that up all the time. We’ll see what happens. I’m not going to beat myself up if I miss a few days during the week.

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