Monday – It’s Action Day for Entrepreneurs

Monday is always an action day. The culture in this country tells us that we are supposed to hate Mondays. Monday signifies the end of the weekend, the end of the fun, and the beginning of the dreaded work week…so we are supposed to hate it. But why?

I feel like I dislike Mondays but only because society tells me I’m supposed to. Well, forget that! As of now, I like Mondays. You know why?…because Monday is action day! Action day means big things for me as a business owner.

I take action in my business, and action becomes leads, and leads become deals, and deals become revenue. Therefore action becomes revenue. Why wouldn’t I love Monday?

We profess to hate Monday in this country, but more often than not, we take more action on Monday than on a Friday. If I need to set an appointment, do my taxes, or wash the dog, I’m likely to set about doing it on a Monday. If I’m going to start a diet or a new workout routine or going to the gym, I’m probably starting that on Monday. It’s action day, baby!

So for me as an entrepreneur, I am learning to love Mondays.

What I’m Grateful For

Today I am grateful to have a flexible schedule with my regular 9 to 5 job. I work my regular job for 40 hours a week and have started up my business on the side. That means I have no other time for anything else, but thanks to a flexible schedule I can get work done when I need to.

I had to work my tail off to get to this coveted flexible schedule. Years of hard work, long days, and working 50-60 hour weeks to get to this point.

Success and Failure

To fit right in with my “action day” theme, I have had better than expected success from my recent marketing campaign. I put out 175 bandit signs this weekend, but the key point is that I left them out through Monday (today). After a day and a half, I only had 2 calls from my signs. I was preparing to call it a failure, but then Monday hit and the action rolled in.

Now I’m up to 7 calls total, and the action day isn’t over yet. That’s a 4% response rate on the signs. Not too bad for marketing that typically sees a 1% response rate. I’ll take it.

Goals For the Day

Nothing for today. I’m writing now after the day is over, so I’ll skip the goals.

Results From Past Goals

Can’t remember what the goals were from yesterday. Moving on.  I finished this post late on Monday and didn’t get a chance to post it, but I felt the info about Mondays was important…for me to share, even just with myself.

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