Mixed Emotions…Par for the Course

I’m all over the map today with my emotions on business. In one regard, I should be ecstatic because I locked up a deal on a house yesterday. However, I also had a tough time with someone who is helping me with bandit signs…she quit out of the blue, so my marketing took a hit.

I’ve found this to be a standard routine for entrepreneurs, the mixed emotions. There are constant ups and downs with running your own business, especially as a one-man band. So I try to roll with the punches and stay even keeled about things. Oh, I still get pissed off and I still raise my arms in triumph like I just won Game 7 of the World Series, but I try to limit the time that I’m in that excited state. There is always more work to do.

What I’m Grateful For

Today I’m grateful for my wife. It’s not that mushy, lovey dovey junk where we post cutesy messages to each other on Facebook for all the world to gag. No, I’m grateful for the long time we’ve been together…almost 16 years of marriage now.

You learn so much about a person over a long time like that. I know things about my wife that no one else knows. It’s at the point that I can anticipate her reactions. I love that we make each other laugh. I love that she works so hard for the family and others. She’s just such a giving person, a trait she learned from her mom.

I’m just grateful to have this woman in my life today.

Success and Failure

Forget success today, you know what is a failure for me…when I grab an adult beverage and cool down at the end of a long day. Usually that’s a nice thing to do, but for me it’s turned into something that slows me down the next day. Plus, it just doesn’t help my weight loss efforts.

I had a drink last night and watched a ball game. Very American things to do. But this morning I am sluggish and it’s taking massive amounts of coffee to rev up the business engine. Not what I wanted for today.

I have to stay away from the booze because I have business goals I need to hit, long term goals. The booze and ball game combo will have to wait. This will be a tough one to put to the side, but I’m giving it a solid try.

Goals For the Day

Simple goals today…blast out my signed contract house to potential buyers. Then I have to coach a soccer game for my 8 year old.

Other than that, I will be checking for marketing calls from my bandit signs that went out.

Results From Past Goals

I hit all but one goal from yesterday. The one I missed is getting a signed contract from visiting the second house of the day. I had to run out on our meeting to catch the kids buses at home. But we rescheduled the meeting for next week.

The other goals were hit…got one signed contract back and visited two houses. I also got my second batch of bandit signs handed off, so I should have some marketing calls this weekend.

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