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MDTM Entrepreneur Daily – 9.15.16

The Entrepreneur Daily series are blog posts that I write when I am working on my side business. My goal is to write a post every day when I am in “entrepreneur mode” and actively working on my business, talking about what I’m grateful for and what I’m working on. In a perfect world, that would be every single day, but in my reality, I work on my business in spurts. I’ve accepted this as my reality for now and hope to improve going forward. This is my entrepreneur journal, to document where I am today.

What I’m Grateful For

Today I’m grateful for the enthusiasm of my kids. I’ve got four kids, all girls. They go up and down with emotions, energy, and enthusiasm just like any adults, except their swings to the highs and lows happen faster and more extremely. I love the upward swings of enthusiasm. Those are my favorites lately.

My 4 year old just had her first day of preschool yesterday and she was full of enthusiasm! This kid was SOOOO excited to start school! That was a lot of fun.

Then it’s fun to see my 8 year old wake up, looking about as grumpy as ever, and then 15 minutes later she is the life of the party, full of enthusiasm for the day. The transformation is funny.

I wish I had the boundless energy these kids seem to have all the time, except the 13 year old…her energy is waning. Ha!

What I’m Working On

Well, today I need to work on what I planned to work on yesterday…because yesterday did not go as planned. I didn’t lose anything or take any steps back by not hitting my goals yesterday, but I also didn’t continue pushing forward. The ball did not move down the field yesterday. It stayed put.

So today is more or less a repeat of yesterday, in terms of what I’m working on. I woke up late today (slept right through my alarm), but still had time to get through my morning routine. I’m tired and low on energy, but the determination is still burning somewhere inside.

Yesterday, I hit some personal goals, but not my entrepreneurial goals. I was able to stay on my diet, get in a workout, and spend time with the family at my daughter’s field hockey game. But I didn’t get around to working on my personal finances like I had hoped. I was able to listen to some real estate podcasts, at least.

I ran out of steam last night. It was a whirlwind afternoon that rolled into our evening. By the time I hit the couch, I was toast. And that’s where I fell asleep, on the couch.

Today is another day. The sun came up again and I have another opportunity to reach for my goals.

Goals For the Day

The goal for today is to calculate my savings rate. I want to track this as part of my monthly financial health metrics, as another measure of my financial status.

That’s all I have for today…well, and to add enough caffeine to my bloodstream that I keep moving today. It’s one of those days, so bring on the coffee!

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  • I have never taken the time to calculate my savings rate. Thanks for inspiring me Brian!

    • If my financial ramblings can inspire, I’m very happy to hear it. I know that I do much better improving myself in any area when I track metrics. Tracking my savings rate grew out of that, along with reading lots of blog posts and articles about metrics to track for financial health. One of the keys to reach financial independence is to save as much as possible over time, and tracking the savings rate lets you know how well you are doing.

      Thanks for the comment and for checking in!

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