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MDTM Entrepreneur Daily – 9.13.16

The Entrepreneur Daily series are blog posts that I write when I am working on my side business. My goal is to write a post every day when I am in “entrepreneur mode” and actively working on my business, talking about what I’m grateful for and what I’m working on. In a perfect world, that would be every single day, but in my reality, I work on my business in spurts. I’ve accepted this as my reality for now and hope to improve going forward. This is my entrepreneur journal, to document where I am today.

What I’m Grateful For

Today I’m grateful for determination. We all have some of it, but some of us have more of it. Determination is one of those traits that you have to build on. You can’t sit back and wait for it to kick in. Determination is only as big and bright as you grow it.

I had a great opportunity to grow my determination, to grow that muscle, yesterday. There were two things that gave me the opportunity.

The first one came when I setup automatic payments on my debt for September. I set weekly payments on my highest interest rate credit card, driving down my debt. I’m driving it down because I’m determined to get rid of my debt. Just saying that isn’t enough, though. I need to prove it with actions, and those automatic payments helped build my determination to be debt free.

The second moment came during my workout yesterday. The hard part came when it got late in the day, well past my energetic, peak time of day, and I still had not done my workout. But I was determined to workout, so I pulled out the weights and started telling myself I could do this. My workouts have been lifting heavy weights lately, and heavy weights can be intense, taking a great deal of energy and motivation to complete. Yesterday it took a whole lot of determination to complete. I had to push myself to complete the workout when all I wanted to do was quit. I had to quiet that little voice in my head that told me to give up and try again another day. No sir, I was determined to complete it.

I’m thankful for determination. It has helped me achieve so much in life, just because I was determined to win…determined not to quit…determined to keep going. The more I build on my determination now, the more I can draw on it when I really need it to keep me going.

What I’m Working On

This week is another one focused on personal finance. I’m focused on using my net income for debt pay down, investments, and savings.

I set automatic debt payments for my credit card debt, making payments for the remainder of September. I am making payments on the highest interest rate debt, even though that debt will be paid off when my house refinance goes through. I didn’t want to wait for the refi to happen. I figured I can reduce my debt load now and then have the house equity applied to other lower interest rate debts.

The investment accounts continue to be funded weekly at minimal amounts, but those amounts are starting to add up. I started investing this year with almost zero in my accounts, and I have built them up slowly.

The savings method is an ongoing process. I setup my Capital One 360 savings account with various savings buckets, like emergency fund, vacation fund, and house maintenance fund. Next, I need to figure out how I want to fund those accounts. This is a job for spreadsheets!

Goals For the Day

I need to do some basic checklist things today. I need to call the loan company who is servicing the loan on my new HVAC system. Want to make sure I begin payments on that financing.

Next, I need to call the local termite company who did an inspection yesterday. This inspection is the last step needed for my house refinance. Once this paperwork is submitted, the refinance will be off and running.

Finally, I need to search for a local handyman about several house repairs I need done. I have been putting off some things and want to get quotes on these projects to see what costs I’m looking at.

Keeping the house up is important so it doesn’t fall down around us. There are several things that are needed and I want to find out the potential damage to my wallet.

Like I said, simple checklist type goals today. Just keep moving the ball down the field, a few yards at a time.

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