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MDTM Entrepreneur Daily – 9.12.16

The Entrepreneur Daily series are blog posts that I write when I am working on my side business. My goal is to write a post every day when I am in “entrepreneur mode” and actively working on my business, talking about what I’m grateful for and what I’m working on. In a perfect world, that would be every single day, but in my reality, I work on my business in spurts. I’ve accepted this as my reality for now and hope to improve going forward. This is my entrepreneur journal, to document where I am today.

What I’m Grateful For

Today I’m grateful for waking up before my alarm. Usually that’s a random occurrence or a happy coincidence, but lately I think my morning routine is having a great impact on my wake up time.

I normally fall into a wake up pattern where I hit the snooze button multiple times, eventually drag myself out of bed, and grunt at people before I get coffee in my system. However, my new morning routine has been having a positive impact on my wake up routine.

I use The Miracle Morning as my routine, a book from Hal Elrod. I talk about this book a lot because it’s had such a great impact on me. In this case, I recognized that I am actually waking up much easier and that’s because of the affirmations I have laid out for myself and that I recite every morning. Here’s one of them…

“I am excited to start my day every morning. I jump out of bed, ready to take on my morning routine. I can’t wait to get started with my work, driving towards financial success.”

I have been using that affirmation since April, but I have only been doing my morning routine consistently since July. I currently have 24 consecutive days of doing the morning routine under my belt. The positive impact is cumulative, based on the consistent application of the morning routine.

I woke up at 4:15 am this morning. My alarm was set for 4:30 am. And this is not the first time I’ve gotten up before my alarm either. This is probably the third or fourth time it has happened in the last two weeks. My subconscious mind is waking me up and pushing me out of bed. I love it!

What I’m Working On

Just as I did last week, I will continue to work on my personal finances this week. I want to stay focused on improving my personal finances to build good habits going forward. I also want to keep pushing until my house refinance goes through, which should be in the next 2-3 weeks.

Beyond that, I am shifting my focus with my reading. I had been reading mostly personal finance material, mainly blog posts and articles, but now I want to shift focus to real estate investing. This is in regard to my morning reading, usually about 20-30 minutes.

I generally scroll through my Twitter lists and seek out something to read, whatever catches my interest that morning. I have been reading personal finance related material for over a month now, and I want to shift towards real estate.

Goals For the Day

The goal for today is to attack the next debt on my list by setting automatic payments. I didn’t get to this task on Friday as I had planned. I did get to the other task on my list for Friday, though, so all was not lost.

Setting the automatic payments will keep me pressing forward with my good habits of paying down debt and investing.

Join me on Twitter for financial and real estate interactions, or just to see what I’m up to. Thanks for reading.

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