Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation

Motivation has been a tough thing for me lately. It’s fleeting, not consistent, and sometimes just not there. As an entrepreneur, I need motivation to keep me pushing at my goals after I get knocked down from a failure, and failure is a common occurrence.

I started meditating again after sporadic stops and starts with it, along with affirmations and visualizations. I learned all of this from the great book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. He talks about using six morning rituals for personal development…meditation, affirmation, visualization, journaling, exercise, and coffee. Kidding…the last one is reading. He calls them something else, but these practices, especially meditation, have helped me tremendously.

So I’m back at it today to find my focus and build up that motivation, to be prepared for my next failure. It will help me bounce back much faster and keep me from staying down and out.

What I’m Grateful For

I’m grateful for my dog. Sounds silly, sure, but this dog wants nothing more than love and affection. She’s a golden retriever, been with us for 5 years now. She’s my buddy and working from home means that my buddy is by my side all day long. I go downstairs for coffee…she tags along. I go out to the mailbox…she follows with a smile. I put the kids on the bus…she wonders where they are going.

We have our daily routine together. Usually it involves a tennis ball being thrown over and over, until one of us collapses.

So, I’m grateful that this furry beast hangs out with me for the day. It helps me feel a little less isolated in my entrepreneur journey.

Success and Failure

I have become comfortable getting uncomfortable. I’ve quickly learned that the best way to learn is through action. And massive action brings massive learning. It also brings massive failure, but that’s a great thing for an entrepreneur.

Fail and you will learn. Take action and you will fail. Get uncomfortable and you will take action.

Flip that around for chronological order and it’s…get uncomfortable…take action…fail…learn.

That’s the best way to get off the sidelines and stop waiting and striving for education. I still don’t know what I’m doing completely, but that doesn’t stop me from taking action.

Goals For the Day

Today’s goal is to visit two houses and get one signed contract…all with a 3 year old by my side. I’m planning to visit one vacant house where I have permission to enter. Then the other house is also vacant, but I’m having the home owner meet me there. The second one is the one where I want to get a signed contract.

I also plan to check in on another potential seller who received an offer from me and owes me an answer.

Then I have to hand off more bandit signs to my guy who will put them out for the weekend. This will be my second week using him. First week was rough, hoping for improvement this time around.

Results From Past Goals

I hit my goals from yesterday, despite my disorganized mess that I call a desk and a business. Woohoo!

Bandit signs went out and I made my calls to potential sellers. The calls resulted in 3 meetings, which could then lead to deals. Working the funnel down to the best leads who I can help.

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