Disorganized Clusterfuck

Today I’m telling it like it is, and what it is, is a disorganized clusterfuck! There is no way around it. Everything is disorganized…my desk, my house, my business, and the thoughts in my head. All over the place!

I didn’t coin that term today, but a new friend who is also new to the real estate business world did. We were talking this morning on Facebook messenger and he basically described my life…slept on the uncomfortable couch last night, need to get my body in shape, need to get motivated (for everything), need direction for this new and fledgling thing I call a business, and need a damn focused thought in my head. That’s about what he described and I laughed and nodded along.

But, let me get to my prescribed format for these mostly daily blog posts I’m doing that start today. Here goes the first attempt. This will look like a journal entry, something I can look back on to see where I was on that date.

What I’m Grateful For

I’m grateful that I don’t eat out every day, especially at fast food places. I used to be that guy, years ago. That’s part of the reason I’m carrying this spare tire around my waist. I was traveling for business yesterday and made bathroom stops on my drive, always at a fast food place. I was disgusted by the places, the people, and the food. Yeah I ate some of it, but I walked out without food more often. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. I’m so grateful that I’ve learned that lesson.

I’m also grateful to be part of a coaching tribe, full of real estate entrepreneurs, focused on building a real business. That’s what I was doing this morning, talking with one guy from that group. He and I were getting to know each other better and it was so great to know someone is experiencing very similar struggles as me. Not that we want to be struggling, but that we are not alone in our struggles. He and I connected and now we can reach out to help each other, hold each other accountable, and just be an ear for listening. I’m very grateful for that.

Success and Failure

This section is for the longer term items that I’m working on and tracking. For success, I have gained a great deal of experience in my business in a short time period. The last 3 months have seen tremendous growth in knowledge. I wish it was also reflected in my bank account, which leads me to…

The failures…I have had 5 separate deals locked up that just didn’t sell. The first one was me being too naïve and inexperienced, where the seller sort of took advantage of me. She has made the rounds, trying to sell her house, but the buyers know the problems and know that there isn’t any value for them…so no deal. The other 4 deals were a learning experience. I locked them up higher than I would typically because they didn’t need much work to be rent ready…BUT, the buyers didn’t see them that way. They saw no deal, so I had to cancel them all.

Goals For the Day

I have a handful of goals for the day. First, I want to prepare my bandit signs for the folks I have hired to put them out. Then I will meet one of my folks and give her instructions on putting out the signs for the first time.

The other goals are calls I need to make. I need to contact two potential sellers and then hit the phones on my call back list. The goal is to get through half of the call backs to sellers today.

Results From Past Goals

I don’t have anything to share here yet as this is the first day.

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