Dealing with the Mental Hangover

Dealing with the Mental Hangover

I’ve got a hangover today. Not from alcohol, maybe from carbs. I’ve been doing a carb cycling diet since late December, had a short lapse of a few weeks in March, but back at it now. The basic idea is to eat ultra-low carb for most of the week, using up your glycogen stores, and then having a feast of carbs in one night. It’s called The Carb Nite Solution and comes from DH Kiefer.

Last night was a carb night for me and I feasted on carby carbs. The result of all that feasting is a euphoric feeling and an early trip to bed. I got so sleepy that I fell asleep early and didn’t have a chance to drink as much water as I wanted/needed. Today’s result is a sluggish, blah kind of feeling. The head is fuzzy and I can’t seem to get moving fast enough.

This is not how I typically feel after a carb night. Normally I feel fine. I should be able to shake it off later tonight or by tomorrow. Just need to keep hydrating today to catch up.

I thought I was catching what the kids have…the flu. But I feel good and they look like crap…two of them are down with it…the two oldest kids. Hopefully they are the last to have it in the house because who needs that?

On the diet front, I’m only down about 7 pounds for the new year. I lost 25 pounds doing the diet last year, so I know it works. The difference this year is alcohol…I’m drinking it too often. Last year I cut it out on my no carb days, but this year I’m having a cocktail almost every night. I mentally justify the cocktail (no carbs in the drink) by telling myself that I worked hard, that I’m working a day job and this side business, but I know I don’t need it. It’s crap excuses, but it’s become a habit and I need to break it somehow.

What I’m Grateful For

Today I am grateful to live in this amazing age of technology and information. I spent parts of yesterday and today going to see houses in neighborhoods I’ve never been to. I punched in the address into my phone and didn’t think another thing about it, knew I would get there on time.

Even better, I quickly looked up those two houses on multiple websites, giving me an estimate of the current values, comparable sales in the area, and much more. All of that with a few clicks of a mouse. Amazing!

A lot of times we take this technology for granted. Hell, we ALWAYS take this technology for granted! I’m very grateful to have this information at my fingertips, allowing me to move at lightning speed in business.

Success and Failure

I’ll save this section for tomorrow.

Goals For the Day

I need to change this format. I’m thinking a few weekly goals are better, more quantifiable, and longer term outlook. I’ll make that format change for tomorrow, or next post. No more daily goals.

Results From Past Goals

I haven’t really set any goals that I would consider to be good. I just have daily to do list type stuff so far. That’s not going to move the needle. First I’ll go to weekly goals, then expand out from there.

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