I setup this blog to share my journey from massive debt to real estate investing success, but also for networking. I’m seeking like-minded people who are involved in real estate investing. I’m also seeking folks who are working on their personal finances and investing in their future through real estate, stocks, options, and other similar endeavors.

Reach out to me to connect, especially if you are local to the southeast Virginia area. I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and discuss real estate, stocks, debt, or whatever.

Otherwise, please reach out to share anything else related to the blog, like your personal finance story, your debt struggles, ideas or feedback on the site, rants on anything, or just to say hello.


Twitter: @PBJBusiness

Or if you want to stay in touch passively, to maybe connect later, you can subscribe to my e-mail list. I will send out a monthly report on my massive debt journey. At most, I will send out one e-mail per week, but only if there is something relevant to share.

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